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Oil Painting Restoration & Conservation


All cleaning and restoration work is of the highest quality, using minimal intervention and following the ethical restoration standards in reversibility.



The removal of dirt and discoloured varnish from the paint surface. Astonishing results can be obtained from this process, bringing to life dark and dull canvases to reveal vibrant original colours and hidden details. This work requires the greatest care and skill if the painting is not to be over cleaned, unfortunately I see too many examples of damage caused by over cleaning.

Structural repair

This involves the conservation of the picture support material. ie: the canvas, panel, board etc. in some case this can have deteriorated due to damp or a dry environment or impact damage. Paintings on canvas can be lined if the original canvas is showing particular weakness, there are tears or holes or if the paint is flaking. If on panel the paint can be consolidated or even transferred if necessary.


Paintings are only retouched where paint is missing or badly worn. Any paint applied can be safely removed by restorers in the future.


All types of restoration can be undertaken from simple cleaning for as little as £30 to major conservation of very damaged paintings (including those you might believe to be beyond repair). From tiny pictures to full length portraits.

You may either bring your painting to the studio for a consultation and estimate or I could visit you at home to look at a painting or collection